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The three-country region is characterized by the cultural peculiarities of the three countries Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. A special feature of the border region is its diversity - the nature, the topography, the languages and cultures, the colorful offer of local food and drinks. So far, very little use has been made of this common USP (unique selling proposition) and little account has been taken of the growing demand of visitors based on cross-border supply. There is no networking of natural and cultural offers with hotels and accommodation providers in the region and beyond the border.

The aim is to establish cooperation with interested AT and HU accommodation and tourism providers.

As inter-regional knowledge of cross-border offerings / attractions is very limited for tourism actors operating in the front office (customer relations) area (tourist information, accommodation providers, hotels, catering industry), professional customer advice is not possible to a sufficient extent either.
With these features, it seems as necessary to further improve the quality of the facilities created so far as to prepare the new hiking tourism offer for target groups. The planned activities of the project also include related supply and product development related to the three leading themes (Cistercians, cycling and adventure hiking); joint measures to increase consultancy competence, public work and marketing areas, and the creation of a hiking tourism infrastructure.

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