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Joint Development and Touristic Utilization of a Historical and Archaeological Offer in the Border Region Austria-Hungary

The main areas affected by the ArcheON project are the region of South Burgenland and Vas county, which are among the richest regions in historical and archaeological values. This area, divided by a state border now since nearly a century, was previously one undivided area since the Stone Age. Many outstanding historical and archaeological treasures of this region are still waiting to be unraveled. These excavations were always undertakings on a national level, and as such there were no intentions to consider the entire former territory, and some archaeological sites have never been the target of a cross-border cooperation. In order to present the historically unified nature of this region that is now split in two by a border, to unveil for the public, and to develop a common touristic offer, a cross-border cooperation between museum and tourism partners is needed. This would allow to make common historical and archaeological values visible / perceptible from a touristic point of view. Combining the broad knowledge of the program area, the PPs and the involved SPs develop a "methodology / manual" and then initiate a total of 6 research projects, during which they explore the most significant excavation sites of the project area while also processing them scientifically. In 5 archaeological excavations so called info points will be established. A joint bilateral scientific workgroup is set up, which monitors and evaluates the professional work being done and draws up a long-term professional cooperation agreement.  Building on new knowledge / achievements and existing sites, like those exhibiting archaeological and historical treasures, a treasure map & travel guide and a guide application will be made, then multi-day, historical and archaeological common experience packages will be created based on them. The various targeted educational activities related to historical and archaeological values contribute to the efficiency of the project, as well.


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