Interreg ornament


The cooperation programme Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary is a European funding programme that encourages cross-border cooperation in the border region to find solutions for common regional challenges.

Amongst others, the programme focuses on projects in the field of environment, especially on the management of common landscape. This goes from projects about conservation of biodiversity in national parks along the border to measures that aim to support the common natural and cultural heritage. Another key aspect is mobility: the main objective is to better connect the region to the TEN-T network, to enhance accessibility and to encourage a change to sustainable means of transport.

The value of regional and local initiatives intensifying cooperation shall also be increased by the programme. This happens through, for example, language courses, joint training activities and cross-border schemes for qualification of skilled workers. Furthermore, competitiveness shall be enhanced in the border region by supporting the cooperation of SMEs. Including national resources, the cooperation programme provides 95 m EUR for facilitating cooperation in the border region.


More about the project

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