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Work packages & Project budget and financing

T1: Sustainable results by August 2021: 1 cross-border network of information and advice centers in each region defined in a cooperation agreement

T2: Sustainable results by August 2021: 4 compilations with competence-oriented teaching materials for download on an interactive web platform

T3: Sustainable results by August 2021: 2 cross-border educational programs for teachers and volunteer supporters and already trained participants

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Project budget and finance

In total, the project has a budget of € € 1.798.772,64. The project is co-financed with 85% ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and with 15% national contribution. The following national institutions are supporting the project beside the European Commission:

  • Regionalmanagement Burgenland
  • State Hungary


 ERDFNational Co-Finance
Bildungsdirektion Wien / Wien€ 448.556,79 

€ 79.157,08

Pädagogische Hochschule Wien / Wien€ 316.540,00€ 55.860,00
Land Burgenland / Burgenland€ 164.993,48 € 29.116,50
Stiftung private Pädagogische Hochschule Burgenland / Burgenland€ 271.711,00 € 47.949,00
ELTE Savaria  / Westtransdanubien
€ 327.155,46
€ 57.733,32
Total€ 1.528.956,74€ 269.815,90


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