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Though cross-border rail tracks are key-elements of climate-friendly mobility, there is only a very few number of such tracks existing at the moment between AT and HU. Enhanced/faster accessibility, provided by rail connections between tertiary (Neusiedl am See, Kapuvár) and secondary nodes (such as Sopron and Győr) within the border area and the TEN-T-corridor and improved accessibility between Jennersdorf-Szentgotthard are the superior project-goals.

The railway of the Neusiedler Seebahn has been maintained and modernised for more than 30 years, to counteract the already prepared shut-down in the 1980s. As a result of those measures, a continuing increase of the numbers of passengers could be registered. Until the year 2000 the number of passengers has reached the level of 400.000 (in 2006: 468.900, 2016: 729.000). On working days 2000 to 2500 travellers (mainly commuters) use NSB. The quality of railway transport and the technical condition of the track were improved due to the shares of central and regional governments. With the support of the AT owners of the NSB an amount of € 13.000.000 were invested between 2002 and 2005 into projects along the AT section of the railway. These projects dealt with the following issues: electrification of the whole track, reconstruction and establishment of safety equipment, track construction works, assurance of road crossings, correction of track-arcs to increase speed of the line.

Within the project CrossBorder Rail, the HU section of the railway (10,73 km) will begin to be improved. Planned measures are the complete renewal of the control and safety technologies as well as the roadbed and track. On AT section, the already started renewal of the control and safety technologies will be continued and finished. Measures to enhance multi-modality and to provide accessibility for disabled passengers at the stations are also proposed. Travel time will be reduced significantly (approx. 11 mins) due to these measures.

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