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Development of a sustainable, cross-border
structure for the revitalization of cultural heritage and rare

The project EUREVITA Pannonia aims to permanently revitalize old craft techniques through cross-border institutional networking, extensive scientific analyzing and processing and high-profile communication measures as well as innovative trainings. As part of the project, training-of-trainers and craft training courses for three craft techniques in the building sector are being implemented and integrated into the Academy for Old Crafts.
For this purpose, curricula, exams and implementation measures are developed and applied in practice. By means of modern further training and qualification measures for craftsmen and young job seekers as well as the cooperation of relevant institutions, a revitalized work management structure is created, the aim of which is the sustainable preservation, transfer and practical and economic application of handicraft techniques that have become rare.


Project goals

The paramount project goal is the preservation and passing on of old handicraft techniques in the building sector to younger generations.Further:

  • Revitalization of old handicraft techniques and preservation of cultural heritage - the preservation, transfer and practical implementation of old handicraft techniques from the program area is supported by min. 6 courses in min. 3 old craft techniques ensured
  • Additional qualifications to increase competitiveness - through the training, min. 48 Trained new opportunities on the common job market.
  • Expansion of the craft academy - the craft academy created with the previous EUREVITA project is integrated. The networking forms the basis for a supraregional, contemporary and sustainable revitalization of old crafts.

More results

  • Identification of rare, traditional craft trades in Hungary and Austria
  • Availability and potential analysis for "old craft" in the program room
  • Increasing the image of old handicrafts in the common economic and cultural area
  • Creation of new work prospects



More about the project

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