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Digitization confronts companies in all industries with major challenges. These challenges can only be mastered through a structured, systematic approach.

The Interreg AT-HU project "IMPROVE!" is dedicated to this topic and tries to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the border region Austria/Hungary in their digitization projects. The aim is to connect organizations that are committed to digital change on both sides of the border.

This should enable an exchange of knowledge and cross-border interaction between the various organizations.


The project focuses on the following activities:

  1. In the first step of the project, the project consortium is developing a joint service portfolio of digitization competencies in which SMEs can be supported within the project
  2. Furthermore, a common methodology for measuring the technological maturity and digital potential of companies will be developed. This methodology will be used to evaluate companies with regard to their level of digitization and to advise them on digitization opportunities.
  3. In the third step of the project, companies can apply to implement concrete digitization projects with the support of the project consortium. In addition, already carried out pilot projects as well as success stories of companies will be documented in a case study catalogue so that other companies in the programme area can also benefit from the newly acquired know-how.
  4. Finally, the already established digitization network will be expanded and internationalized by involving even more stakeholders.

Programme Area:

The programme area extends over the area of the Austrian-Hungarian border and comprises the following 11 NUTS 3 regions: Nord-, Mittel- und Südburgenland, Wien, Wiener Umland-Südteil, Niederösterreich Süd, Graz und Oststeiermark, Györ-Moson-Sopron, Vas und Zala. Only those projects can be funded that implement their activities in the programme area.

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