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Living Gardens

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The project area

The project area of "Living Gardens", the border region Austria/Hungary, is characterised by a special climate zone. The Alps with their eastern foothills - the Vienna Woods - and the Pannonian Plain meet here. Animals and plants from both regions occur here together with other special species from the Mediterranean region. It is important to preserve this outstanding biodiversity of the region.

The show habitats

New approaches to species protection were therefore developed across countries and implemented in the five pilot communities of Pfaffstätten, Tattendorf and Trumau (on the Austrian side) and Gyenesdiás and Zalakaros (on the Hungarian side) in the form of publicly accessible show habitats.

Each community has its own special features, depending on the location and the local fauna and flora. These small biotopes should be an inspiration for one's own garden and motivate people to contribute to biodiversity. The aim is to show municipal gardeners, building yard employees and above all the general public that it is possible to make a valuable contribution with simple measures. Whether in your own garden or in public spaces.

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