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Content of the project

Both in the Austrian and in the Hungarian part of the catchment area of the Raab flood events lead to flooding and consequently to a risk to life and infrastructure.

It is therefore in the interests of the flood prevention and disaster management organizations to receive information in the event of a flood as early as possible on how the expected floods are developing so that disaster relief planning can be carried out efficiently across borders.


Goal of the project
The overall goal of the project is to significantly reduce the risks of floods in the Raab catchment area by presenting expected floods in terms of their spatial extent and time course in a warning tool that is to be developed.

Shared Value

The core outputs of the project are, on the one hand, the updated flood forecasting model Raab and, on the other hand, the warning tool to be developed for the presentation of the expected flooding areas.

For the first time, this EU project enables not only the forecasts of discharge at defined cross sections along water bodies, and also makes the expected flood areas available.

There is a huge benefit from these developments on the one hand, for the operator of the forecast models, and on the other hand, for the organizations of the flood and disaster management and the population affected by the flood.

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