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Sustainable Ambrosia Management

Project content

Ragweed, which is very widespread in Hungary and also in Eastern Austria, causes serious problems for public health and the national economy. The overall aim of the project is to expand and strengthen institutional cooperation in the field of ragweed control from a geographical and sectoral perspective. The following approaches are used for this purpose:


Deepening the cooperation

The SAM project is no longer about getting to know the control measures of the participating institutions, but about jointly developing new strategies and control measures. To this end, a central ragweed hub will be established and the bilateral working group - in which the provinces of Lower Austria and Styria and the counties of Vas and Zala are now represented in addition to the existing institutions - will be expanded and used to develop coordinated control measures. By involving NGOs, the administrative level is also optimally linked with the multipliers on the ground.

Concentration on HUMANS and plant

While the preliminary project JAA was mainly concerned with the effective control of the plant in certain crops, SAM also concentrates on the integration of medical expertise and the information of allergy sufferers about possible protective measures. To this end, the health authorities, doctors and pharmacies are being addressed as a new target group and involved in terms of content.

Better capitalisation of knowledge

In order to effectively combat ragweed and deal with the allergies caused by the plant as effectively as possible, tailor-made expertise is needed. By preparing and communicating the valuable knowledge gained in the JAA and SAM projects to specific target groups, multipliers are trained who will contribute to efficient control in the long term.

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