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Studies in tourism have identified 3 strongly trending holiday activities: visiting cultural monuments, authentic nature experience, and physical activity. It’s not by accident, that cycling tourism has the strongest growth of all the tourism segments. It connects the desire to pursue sport activities with the discovery of natural and cultural heritage in a unique way. Notable experts vouch that the border region between Austria and Hungary with its diverse landscape varying between mountains and plains with a range of natural and cultural riches, has ideal conditions to be a top cycling region. The aim of Veloregio is to utilise this cross-border potential, so that the natural and cultural heritage combined with cycling tourism may increase overnight stay.

In step 1 the partners define the cross-border cycling routes‘ binding qualitative criteria and the guidelines for protecting the natural and cultural heritage along these routes. Based on this, masterplans will be made for the top cross-border routes, in order to implement the given standards step by step, providing the cyclists with a unified quality standard. Within the framework of work package 2 cyclist-friendly hotels and tourism service providers will be invited to help develop cross-border offers made for mountain bikers, touring cyclists and highway cyclists alike. These tours will connect the regional protected natural habitats and cultural sites, presenting them in a sophisticated manner for cycling tourists. The work package communication will ensure that the interested cycling tourists will be made aware of the new offers. Work package 3 will implement measures for the sustainable monitoring of the project results. Lasting, bilateral cooperational structures will ensure the high quality of cross-border cooperation after the end of the project.


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