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Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Austria-Hungary 2014-2020

The long-term preservation of the ecological network of wetland habitats in the border region and its extremely diverse flora and fauna, which is also regarded as outstanding even at the European level, is possible only with a cross-border approach, based on a common strategy. This is why the overall objective of the project is the coordination of nature conservation measures that preserve the biodiversity of the transboundary habitats and the development of their ecological network. This is made possible by a new approach, which is based on a uniform sampling and evaluation method and is executed in a coordinated manner. The partners have mutually announced their ongoing nature conservation research programs in the project preparation phase, and then jointly named Natura 2000 species, habitats and their threat factors (habitat fragmentation, spread of invasive species, increased social need for water regulation due to increasing flood waters), which are to be researched as part of the project.

In addition, the research results are to be made available to the general public, so environmental and nature awareness raising activities are also being planned (e.g.: school programs, educational film) involving the local population and students. In order to exchange best practices, cross-border workshops and a study tour are to be organised.

The coordinated research activities, the prepared action plans, the proposals for the conservation of biodiversity, and the further developed Natura 2000 sustainability plans serve as the basis for the cross-border management of the Natura 2000 wetlands of the border region and enable the connectivity of wetland habitats (hence the acronym of the project: WeCon - wetland connectivity) and contribute to the stabilization of their conservation level.


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