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SO11 climate change adaptation

SO2(iv) - Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches;

Type of action 1.1 - Cross-border research as well as data collection and exchange to improve know-how and preparedness towards climate change impacts

The aim of the type of action is to enhance know-how and preparedness towards climate change impacts and risks on regional and local level with a special focus on joint research and the application of research results in the area as well as creating personal and digital interfaces.
Indicative actions:

  • Studies and analysis to better understand the interrelation of vulnerability and adaptive capacity or to better explore the regions natural "buffers", for example the reed belt of the Neusiedler See/Fertő
  • data monitoring and set-up of common data bases on climate-related risks in the border region, such as extreme weather, heat or pests as well as on the impact of adaptation actions
  • Citizen science activities, for example phenological observations
  • developing research networks on climate change enabling a sustainable and long-term collaboration across the border
  • Workshops, conferences, discussion panels on possible climate-change adaptation measures and related topics in the context of climate change involving different types of target groups and stakeholders on local and regional level also using digital means and social media

Type of action 1.2 - Developing cross-border strategies, management and action plans addressing climate change impact, risks and natural hazards in the border region

The aim of the type of action is to boost strategic development across the border to allow for a better adaptive capacity to climate change and climate change-induced risks in the border region especially regarding sectors or areas particularly affected such as nature and biodiversity, forestry and agriculture, tourism, SME, cities and municipalities or health.
Indicative actions:

  • action plans defining goals and specific measures how to address future climate change impacts
  • interdisciplinary strategies for climate related actions such as soil protection or green and open spaces for recreation and leisure uses under changing climatic conditions
  • risk management concepts in specific sectors in the cross-border region (e.g. nature and biodiversity, agriculture and forestry, tourism, spatial planning, housing, services and infrastructure or health), also involving emergency response organisations
  • plans and strategies related to early warning systems for extreme weather events

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