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Enabling the Creation of Intelligent Things

The EDLRIS project focuses on the development and implementation of a professional, standardized, internationally accepted training- and certification- system for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Target groups are trainers (e.g. teachers or mentors of clubs/societies) and trainees (e.g. students and youths). The basic concept is similar to the well-established European Computer Driving License ECDL. In order to facilitate a broad acceptance, an advisory board comprising members from industry, educational institutions and public bodies is involved from start-up to the completion of the project.


Implementation of a professional training for trainers (e.g. teachers) and trainees (e.g. students) with following modules:

  • Robotics (Basic)
  • Robotics (Advanced)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Basic)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Advanced)
  • Providing curricula as well as ready-to-use teaching materials for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Implementation of a standardized, broadly accepted certification of competences of trainers and trainees (similar to ECDL)::
    • certificate for each module
    • certification conducted by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the John von Neumann Computer Society Hungary
  • Providing online material and courses (for trainers/trainees) as well as online certifications
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Project partner

Graz University of Technology, Austria
Austrian Computer Society, Austria
University College of Teacher Education Burgenland, Onlinecampus Virtual PH, Austria
Széchenyi István University Hungary
John von Neumann Computer Society, Hungary

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