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Survey of ecological networks 2020


In October 2019, a joint excursion of employees of the project partners led to the Andalusian protected area Doñana, the river delta of the Guadalquivir. The challenges in this important bird sanctuary are not dissimilar to those of the Danube Floodplains and Moson Plain protected areas, including raising the groundwater table and renaturation as well as involving the local population. Many bird species are found in the Natura 2000 areas Donana as well as Moson plain and Danube floodplains. Besides, there is long experience in promoting agriculture compatible with protected areas. This plays an active role in the conservation of biodiversity, for example as a hunting ground for the extremely endangered Iberian lynx or by providing water in dry seasons. Since it was established 50 years ago, the extent of the protected area has increased significantly. The main focus in the national park is on further restoration projects to protect the wetland landscape. In the surrounding nature park, traditional agriculture is of great ecological importance; adjustments in the water regime of integrated rice cultivation serve millions of water birds. Current LIFE projects of the farmers' association ASAJA Sevilla are concerned with a sustainable combination of agriculture and environment in the Andalusian wetlands of European importance.

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