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Vegetation survey of selected monitoring areas on meadow regeneration areas (former arable land) in the Donau-Auen National Park in the Upper Lobau in the Vienna area


In summary, the meadow regeneration areas (= sown meadows) dominated by the giant goldenrod (Solidago gigantea), sown with a meadow seed mixture in 2013 after cultivation and agricultural use, have developed as planned. The cover assets of goldenrod are now very low and the sown species are dominant. Overall, however, the number of species is limited and active enrichment with other typical meadow species is worth considering.
In the surveyed areas with goldenrod the vegetation has hardly changed since 2011. This shows how stable these stands are in the long term.
A total of 65 different fern and flowering plant species could be recorded with the nine monitoring images. Among them are the Actual Sand Savin (Onobrychis arenaria) and the Steppe Timothy (Phleum phleoides) from the seed mixture, two species endangered throughout Austria.

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