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On the Hungarian-Austrian border area, the Pinka is a multiple border crossing and border constituting watercourse, which water supply is used by both Austria and Hungary, however the water supply’s utilization framework is not supported by studies based on sufficiently detailed data. For the Pinka, the watercourse management is only possible through jointly discussed principles, both in terms of quantity and quality. Primarily the quantitative and qualitative expectations of the inflow and outflow in the limit gauges are needed to be defined from Woppendorf to the estuary. For the maintenance of the ecological good state of the Pinka, the constitution of small water river management is essential, which enables the planning and preparation of the good practice regarding the operation of fish ladders, bypass channels, backwater supplies, and power plants.

An important purpose of the joint strategic plan regarding the Pinka border area is the preparation of the integrated treatment plan, on which basis both parties handle water supplies, water utilizations, ecological regulations, flood protection and interventions by the same methodology.

The project’s main result is exploring both the present water supply and the effects influencing the water supply of the Pinka, and also exploring the relationship between the Pinka and the valley ground water, furthermore recording the load and physico-chemical status of the watercourse. On the other hand, it serves as a basis for the regulation measurements in favor of the bilateral water management. The project supports primarily the work of the bodies operating under the Water Convention between the two countries and the authorities responsible for water protection, and provides valuable information for the population living along the Pinka, as well as for the affected professionals (water management, nature protection, higher education, power plants, agriculture, municipilalities, NGO-s, etc.). 

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