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2. Multi-Day Training


During the lectures, the knowledge of the students on poultry health was completed by novel information on the different technologies of feedstuff production, and the effects of nutrition on the gut microflora of poultry species.

Several practical examples were also presented for the participants. Due to the online implementation of the training, the project partner staff members demonstrated the methodology of feed trials and their evaluation via upfront prepared recordings. The education was completed by information materials complied by feed production partner companies.

The definition of nutrient needs of animals by modelling techniques, and the introduction of the importance and effects of early nutrition were important elements of the training. These topics are not parts of the general syllabus of veterinary students.

Finally, the participants received current publications about novel findings of poultry nutrition for self-studying. Short presentations were made of these on the last day of the training. During the processing of these materials, the students gained further knowledge in the field of poultry nutrition.

At the end of the event, the participants received a certificate of completion, which included reference to the subjects of the training. The completion and certification of the training thus provide advantages for the students when they enter the labour market, as it proves additional knowledge in disciplines complementary to the basic education.


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