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Autumn exchange program for university experts


The core speciality of „Patio” is that instead of chicken, 18-day old eggs (embryonal stage) are delivered into the system. Hatching takes place in specially formulated multi-storey raising units. The advantage of this technology lies in the fact that day-old chicken have access to water and feed without delay. The site is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies (disinfection, heating, ventilation, heat exchangers, etc.), all of which were explained in detail during the visit.

The second point of the exchange programme comprised a visit to a turkey growing plant of Y-Turkey Ltd. near Pécs. This company is one of the leading poultry breeding enterprises in Transdanubia. Their main focus lies on turkey fattening and feed production. Specialist staff of the company presented key production data, applied technology systems and animal health issues of the site. The houses are not of recent construction; however, ventilation, bedding and feeding techniques represent modern technologies. Our group had the opportunity to enter the breeding houses. During the discussions, the professionals of the two countries compared special features of the Austrian and Hungarian turkey breeding methods in several aspects.

On the second day of the visit, the programme was continued with detailed discussions about the ongoing research activities of the CEPI project. The timeliness of the topic was emphasised by current results of preparatory intestine histology examinations carried out at the beginning of November in Vienna. Our discussions included the professional evaluation of this data. Furthermore nutrition and animal health aspects of the project were commonly discussed.

On occasion of the Science Day celebration at Georgikon Faculty, the final programme point of the visit was a lecture held by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hess with the title „The changing picture of fowl adenovirus infections in chickens”.

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