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I. CEPI Summer School


The training programme included several study trips to farms, firms and relevant institutions of the field. The group visited a national institution for animal health diagnostics; a private turkey farm in Karád, a village south of Lake Balaton; the premix plant of DSM Nutritional Products, one of world’s leading companies in animal nutrition; Gyermelyi Tojás Kft. (Gyermelyi Egg Ltd.), the biggest egg production company in Hungary; and the parent stock farm and hatchery of Gallus Kft., a company that operates a closed integrated system „from the field to the table”, that is, from crop production to the production of processed meat products.

Besides professional activities, cultural and sports events also formed an important part of the programme and contributed to the establishment of strong team spirit between the participants. Without doubt, these personal and professionals contacts are going to facilitate the cooperation of poultry health and poultry nutrition professionals in the future.

The 2nd CEPI Summer School is planned to be organised in summer 2018 in Vienna.

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