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EDLRIS - Application for training courses (trainer) is open!


In near future there will be a strong demand for people with sound knowledge and profound skills in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Project EDLRIS focuses on the development and implementation of a professional, standardized and internationally accepted training and certification system for robotics and AI. It combines technical contents and innovative didactical concepts as well as online- and offline teaching materials. Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to acquire an official certificate, issued by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG), the John von Neumann Computer Society respectively. This entitles the graduates as officially “Certified EDLRIS Trainer” to use the course material in order to train additional trainees. The first trainings for interested teachers in the STEM area as well as for further interested persons are held in the summer-term 2019. There are 4 modules which can be completed independently of each other:

EDLRIS Module: Artificial Intelligence Basic for Trainers:

EDLRIS Module: Artificial Intelligence Advanced for Trainers:

EDLRIS Module: Robotics Basic for Trainers:

EDLRIS Module: Robotics Advanced for Trainers:

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