Interreg ornament

Project achievements

The research and specialist workshops formed the basis of the project. First, the innovative ability and willingness of SMEs were analyzed through qualitative interviews. Research has focused on the following topics: technical performance, capacities, willingness to innovate. Smart mapping was created based on the results of this research. Information such as the composition of the wood, furniture industry, characteristics of the regional companies concerned and their area of ​​activity is included in smart mapping.

In addition to looking at the supply side, consumer trends were also examined. As a result, several causes have been discovered that are hidden behind the social phenomena. Furthermore, several workshops were organized to define the potential target group and market niche. Entrepreneurs, representatives of specialist and educational institutions took part in it. The participants looked at the primary research results, the innovative ability of the companies, the business policies of the companies and also consumer expectations. After discussions, they formulated several directions of development.

The subject areas of the products that were defined as a result of the workshops and research are the following: senior furniture, fitness furniture, children's furniture, space-saving furniture, furniture for disadvantaged people, smart furniture, multifunctional furniture, outdoor furniture (especially from acacia), eco-furniture, Home office.

A method based on international cooperation and shared innovation has led to real results. The students and the entrepreneurs took part in exhibitions, technical excursions to gain inspiration before the camps. The trade fair in Milano called Salone del Mobile is the most sophisticated. It is regarded as the most important furniture industry trade fair in Europe and the world. It has made it possible to get to know the latest design and technical trends. After this excursion, the participants were able to take one
Conclude that our project is going in the right direction. Furthermore, our innovative thoughts about the cooperation of creative
Young people and company managers.

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