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Numerous guests at the Cargobike Roadshow in Bad Tatzmannsdorf on July 14th proved that the trend of e-cargo bikes is also finding its way into Burgenland. Provincial Councilor Heinrich Dorner also clearly enjoyed the speedsters.

While the somewhat rainy weather on Sunday meant that only die-hard bike fans could not miss the opportunity to stop by the Cargobike Roadshow in the Neufeld / Leitha lido (such as Michi Knopf from the Radwelt Michi Knopf in Mattersburg), turned out to be a crowd puller: Numerous visitors from the near and far as well as spa guests from all over Austria and beyond were inspired by the 12 bikes available for testing at Joseph-Haydn-Platz in Bad Tatzmannsdorf. For good reason, as the cargo bikes at the Cargobike Roadshow offer something for every taste - from sporty to comfortable to elegant. Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, many of those interested did their laps on the test bikes - some with a practical approach with their children and luggage.

Provincial councilor Heinrich Dorner was among the testers, who tried out several of the bikes and highlighted their individual advantages: “The Cargobike Roadshow offers a very good insight into how wide the range of cargo bikes is now. The bikes differ in size, equipment and functionality. There is the right bike for every requirement. All models have one thing in common: Riding a cargo bike is fun!” Even more so when riding together – as LR Dorner demonstrated with Christine Zopf-Renner (head of the Mobilitätszentrale Burgenland and bike-coordinator of Burgenland) and Gert Polster, Mayor of Bad Tatzmannsdorf. Cycling is generally a major concern of Mayor Polster: “The region around Bad Tatzmannsdorf offers a wonderful ambience for cyclists. The hilly landscape is easy to explore, especially by e-bike. Many Bad Tatzmannsdorf hosts have specially adapted to the needs of cyclists and have their own e-bikes for their guests or there are several rental stations in the village. In the free bike & e-bike map, every pedal knight will find the right tour in the well-developed route network. ” In addition, Bad Tatzmannsdorf is one of those communities that are working together to build the cycle path on the former railway line, as is Gert Senninger (Tourism Director Bad Tatzmannsdorf) and chairman Martin Ochsenhofer (Tourism association Südburgenland) emphasized. Measures like this pave the way to an emission-free future - an objective that the Cargobike Roadshow series of events implemented as part of the "Low Carb Mobility" project of the EU funding program Interreg VA AT-HU is also following.


In summary, the Burgenland premier of the Cargobike Roadshow was a complete success with visitor numbers that can definitely compete with those of the other Austria events in larger centers. Especially for young families and young-at-heart grandparents, the e-cargo bikes are an attractive means of transport in everyday life and for excursions, but also technology enthusiasts are fascinated by the innovative speedsters, making it quite likely that cargo bikes will soon become an indispensable part of the streetscape.

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