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„Light my bike“ - premiere for the bicycle visibility check


Around 25 bike enthusiasts defied the wintry temperatures and got together as part of the “Light my Bike” event on Friday, February 25th in Stoob to open the cycling season.

Cycling in the dark and with poor visibility? No problem if you know how. The aim of the “Light my Bike” bicycle visibility check was to impart precisely this knowledge. Traffic safety expert Peter Jahn from CAP KinderSicherheit GmbH passed on this knowledge in an entertaining way at the event organized by the municipality of Stoob and the Mobility Center Burgenland and answered the questions of around 25 cyclists from Stoob and the region. Among the curious minds were Mayor Bruno Stutzenstein and provincial councilor Heinrich Dorner, who stated in his welcome note that infrastructure is an essential prerequisite for cycling, but cycling can only be established in everyday life through consistent awareness work. That's why events like this one, which impart knowledge on how to be safe on the road by bike, close the gap in a figurative sense.

After the approximately one and a half hour program, featuring numerous dialogues between the participants and the road safety expert as well as practical parts, from the obligation to the freestyle of night-time road safety, the opportunity to talk in detail about cycling in Burgenland with provincial councilor Heinrich Dorner and the cycling coordinator of the state of Burgenland, Christine Zopf-Renner (Head of the Mobility Center Burgenland). Also, numerous cycling related goodies were provided by  the Mobility Center Burgenland as part of the "Low Carb Mobility”project.

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