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The project area concerns Burgenland in Austria and Zala County in Hungary. The Roma and Sinti population is significant in the area, and they often face the negative effects of discrimination. From the point of view of our project, those enterprises in a precarious situation that need encouragement, professional support and competence development in order to ensure their economic stability should also be highlighted. The aim of the project is to increase the 3-year survival rate of Roma and Sinti SMEs due to the improvement of the level of cooperation between enterprises and with institutions, as well as the development of enterprise management skills and entrepreneurial competencies. Within the framework of the project, we examine the specifics of Roma and Sinti entrepreneurs in the border area with a personal, questionnaire survey in order to get to know the characteristics and expectations of our target group as well as possible, as the organizations cooperating in the project can develop their services.

This survey will form the basis for the training of consultants, as we consider it important that the preparation curriculum focuses most on the focus areas that entrepreneurs need. The trained counselors help the entrepreneurs with individual counseling - if necessary with longer-term mentoring - and we also organize group coaching workshops for the purpose of professional competence development. Exchanges of experiences and networking between the participants of the project are facilitated by roundtable meetings and professional study tours, which also provide learning about good practices. The creation and operation of an innovative online entrepreneurial platform will help the Roma who run the business to publish their business, present their activities, as well as upload other information that is useful for entrepreneurs.

Project goals

  • Competence development of Roma and Sinti enterprises
  • Individual and group coachings, which strengthen management and entrepreneurial competencies
  • Building cross-border network cooperation

Project activities

  • Survey of Roma and Sinti entrepreneurial peculiarities, preparation of a study
  • Business consulting: SMEs receive business-related training, courses and consulting that are necessary for the operation and maintenance of the business
  • Exchange of experience and networking: round table discussions, creation of an entrepreneurial platform, professional study trips

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