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Project achievements


In the cross-border project ROMABIZ ATHU104, thanks to the appropriate commitment of all partner organizations, it was possible to achieve the project objectives - despite the limitations caused by the pandemic.


Film about the project:

Dissemination film


At the beginning of the project, the analysis of questionnaires filled out by 98 companies resulted in a survey in order to query the needs of the companies and to be able to align the consulting and training offers in the project accordingly. Based on the findings, our consultants were trained accordingly in train-the-trainer seminars.


Survey of the companies' needs

In the course of the project, we provided consulting services and mentoring to more than 100 small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them from the Roma ethnic group.

There was lively participation in the 10 workshops offered for further training and exchange.


for example: a workshop of CEUE

Parallel to this, work was done to expand and consolidate the networks between the organizations and companies and to further promote communication.
For this purpose, 3 round tables were organized in Hungary and in Austria.


3. and cross-border Round Table in Zsalaegerzeg


The final last round table served to conclude a cooperation agreement to ensure continued goodwill and cooperation.


Intermediary organisations signing the cooperation agreements


The networking also included 2 field trips to the partner countries, where companies and organizations could exchange information with each other.


Online platform:

The creation and design of an online platform served on the one hand to provide information and on the other hand to give companies the opportunity to present themselves. This offer was also supplemented with short films about companies and company flyers.


Best practise - Short films:

Autoalkatresz Kozpont Kft

Novinics Cukrászuzem

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