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Vienna Local Product Sales Tour and and Workshop (Info-Cafe)


In the project Shop of Region, a local product sales tour and workshop took place in Vienna on 5 April 2022. Following a small group road show in the morning, the results and conclusions of the work done so far were presented at the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, as well as the current status of the planned shop concept. This was followed by a joint analysis and evaluation of the experiences of the morning road show in the city centre.


We started the day at LGV Gärtnergeschäftl, where after breakfast Christina Hesky told us about the shop. The shop, which was rated as a best practice in the autumn supply survey, was unfortunately holding a final sale as the operators are closing it down on 15 April. We were not able to get an answer as to the reasons for this, but Ms Hesky explained the concept in detail. The participants then set off on two different routes, divided into two groups:


Group A had a look at the regional markets around the Naschmarkt. The first stop was the small local produce shop Bauernladen Helene, which sells mainly Burgenland products. The second stop was Grundbira, a shop selling products from Vorarlberg, where Katrin Schedler, the sole proprietor of the shop, explained how the shop was set up and how it works. Afterwards, the group visited the Naschmarkt, where they visited the product transfer container. After a presentation of the concept, they had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the market.


Group B went to the district of Währing, where they were shown around the Kutschekrdörfl by Ms Ingrid Jung-Blaha and visited the Johann Nepomuk Vogl Markt, the planned venue for the Shop of Region event (market) in May 2022. They then visited the franchise shop 's Fachl Wien, where regional producers and artisan entrepreneurs can rent shelves.


The two groups met at the Embassy of Hungary in Vienna, where a sandwich buffet was served during the networking. After a welcome speech by Dr. Nóra Tefner, the host of the event, Mrs. Kassia Greco, Vice President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mrs. Beata Marx, Deputy President of the Währing Economic Association (Obmann Stellvertreterin - Währinger Wirtschaftsvereinis) welcomed the initiative of the project. Afterwards, Sándor Borbély presented the tasks carried out so far and their results. The second presentation was given by Christian Fraissler-Simm, representing LP, who explained the driving forces behind the project and the current status of the Shop of Region concept.


To close the day, the owner of the CEWART (Central European Wine Art) wine bar, who tasted Central European volcanic wines, talked about the mission of the shop and his experiences since opening.

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