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The aim of this project is to improve existing cross-border road links in the project area.

It mainly concerns the L 210 (St. Margarethener Straße), which runs from the intersection with the Schützener road on Oslip (Ödenburgerstraße) and in St. Margarethen (Ödenburgerstraße) crosses the Ruster road B 52, before it ends at the Hungarian state border ends, where it merges into the Hungarian road network. 

The stretch between St. Margarethen and the Hungarian border 4,4 km has been used for agricultural purposes for the past decades, and is therefore in very poor conditions. Since Hungary has signed the Schengen Agreement, this road connection has been used more frequently. The street section around the town Fertörákos as well as the majority of the section in the Komitat Györ-Moson-Soporn, is in very poor condition.

This project aims to improve the border crossing infrastructure in a collaborative effort.

As a result of the geographic circumstances (Neusiedler Lake, Ödenburger Mountains) there are limited options for border crossing points. Therefore it becomes even more important to improve the already existing connections and reduce detour traffic. The improvement of the road infrastructure will foster commuter traffic. 

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