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Age-friendly Region

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The project Age-friendly Region supports to bring the border region of Hungary - Austria closer to the vision of making all cities and regions a great (!) living space to grow old. Aging and caring are growing challenges for our societies. Previous forms of coping such as an intensive engagement of relatives or expanding nursing homes are hardly suitable for improving the situation of elderly people in need of care. The Age-friendly Region project is developing new approaches so that all people in the region even in old age can remain in their usual environment with a high quality of life and the greatest autonomy possible.


The cross-border cooperation allows taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of both countries and, based on this, to develop a common model. 6 Case Managers support more than 200 people in order to create individual care concepts that are optimally adapted to their respective living and living situations and that make the best possible use of existing resources. The scientific partner assesses the experience and impact of these new services according to scientific standards and offers the opportunity to systematically learn from the differences between the two countries. Age-friendly Region is an important step towards an aging-friendly region and for the first time a bilateral cooperation between Austria and Hungary in this sector.

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