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The aim of the project is to set up a new health service. It informs about the possibilities of care and support in the project regions and develops a needs-based aid plan in close contact with elderly people and their relatives. Case Managers try to strengthen the families' resources as part of each case care and seek common solutions that are in line with the needs of the family system. On this basis they work together with those affected to gain adequate access to the desired services.


Activities and milestones:

  • Development of a model for Case and Care Management in close cooperation with politics, administration and provider organizations in the care sector as well as
  • continuous development through transnational exchange and learning from the experiences of others
  • Implementation of Case and Care Management in pilot projects in the project regions for at least 200 families in Eastern Styria and Western Hungary
  • Improving the quality of life of elderly people, incorporating structural, family and personal resources
  • Scientific evaluation and preparation of the project results
  • Impulse and development work for Case and Care Management for the period after the end of the project
  • Intensive cross-border cooperation in improving the conditions for healthy aging and autonomous care decisions in the participating regions


Duration: 2017 – 2019

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