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The concept for Case Management for elderly people was formulated in an easily understandable way. The folder is aimed at both, the elderly and their caregivers as well as the respective health and care providers in the region.

The folder is available for download.

Quantitative analysis

The quantitative analysis is part of the scientific monitoring and evaluation of the project ‘Development of new models to ensure the quality of life of people into old age on both sides of the border’ (short: Age-friendly region) by the team of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (


On the basis of existing data from the fields of health and social statistics in Austria and Hungary, the quantitative analysis provides the framework conditions and basic requirements for the implementation of Case and Care Management in the two countries from a health science point of view. The existing health and social statistics are different for Hungary and Austria. For example, Austria has a care allowance for elderly people in need of care. There are no such benefits in Hungary and other care services are comparatively small.


The quantitative analysis is available for download.

Regional Case and Care Management Model for the elderly, Eastern Styria

The Case and Care Management (CCM) model for the elderly consists of all conceptual and organizational components for the constitution of the service for the elderly. Counselling and guidance is not just reduced to nursing because there are many medical and psychosocial challenges and issues related to needs-based solutions.


The focus is on the idea of designing the phase of aging dignified and with a high quality of life. As before, a large majority of elderly people want to live at home as long as possible. Case Management provides free assistance in making the necessary provision and designing arrangements. It is not only about the financing of services but primarily about the psychosocial well-being of the elderly and their relatives and their autonomy on vital issues of life.


The challenge for better and more efficient care for elderly people in Eastern Styria is to include all existing offers, to jointly identify and define the problems at the supply interfaces. At the same time, the systems and service sectors involved must work together to overcome organizational routines and live the potential of cooperation.

The Regional Model is available for download.

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