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Interreg ornament

Pilot measures on Wolfsboden


The linear features were marked in the field in March 2022. For this purpose, on-site inspections were carried out with the district forester and the farm manager of the Lobau Biocentre to coordinate the measures in detail. Three permanent linear structural features were created to practically demonstrate their function in biodiversity-promoting organic agriculture. To create small structures, the terrain was relieved in some sections with a wheeled digger and dumper, followed by the small-scale landscaping. The embankments were modelled by hand, for example to create nesting sites for wild bees. In all areas, black and white poplars as well as wild shrubs from regional reproduction were planted in small groups. Additional small features were introduced with deadwood. In autumn, three herb-rich rough pastures with some shrub areas were planted. The seeds and bushes used are of regional origin and will provide a variety of food and habitats throughout the year.

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