Interreg ornament
Interreg ornament

Excavations in Sé and Dozmat


Excavations for the ArcheON project took place in Sé and Dozmat in October 2020. Of the two sites, the archeological findings found in Sé deserve a spotlight. The section opened at the Sé - Malom bound - a site of European significance which has been known and researched since the 1970s -, targeted the remains of a building that is structurally bearing the marks of earlier, Middle Neolithic tradition. It was not possible at this time to fully explore the approximately 10x20 m complex, so the excavation was limited to a representative, 2 m wide and 12 m long section, through which a cross-sectional image of the complex was obtained. A variety of late Neolithic finds from the early period of Lengyel culture have been found, which are approximately 7,000 years old.

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