Interreg ornament

Project achievements

The project sets itself the goal of developing a new common, practice- and project-oriented online education method in the field of wood architecture and furniture industry. develop and apply it, which aims at the exchange of skills ("skill share") and community building across borders, increases the motivation of the Students increased by "providing experiences in education". The online tool creates a cross-border community builder for students, teachers and related industry stakeholders who share their knowledge with their peers primarily through video sharing . However, there is also the possibility of adding other formats of teaching materials on various topics in individual categories of the Wood architecture and furniture industry to be shared, depending on the results of the situation analysis.

The platform provides an online opportunity to start projects, organize workshops to organize workshops, to work together creatively, (e.g. also for the joint solution of homework or for collective product development). The advantage of of building communities across borders is the increase of inspiration and motivation, the inspiration and motivation, in getting to know each other and in the use of the synergy effects intercultural factors and the culture of the other, in the exchange of educational tools and materials (equalization of competences) and in developing own trainings and materials. Taking into account the individual needs, the tools are developed in a sectoral and cross-border cross-border context, which is preceded by a thorough analysis of the situation (recruitment assessment, analysis of the labor market situation, cross-border comparison of existing training courses and curricula, involvement of industrial actors in the development, dual training).

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