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A one-day study trip was organised in the framework of the INTERREG AT-HU Programme "EduWood" project. Partner schools and educational institutions of the region in the wood and furniture industry were invited. From Austria, students from the HTL Mödling High School took part in the study trip, accompanied by DI Monika Smetana, Head of the Interior Design Department. From Hungary, teachers and students from the Vas Megyei Szakképzési Centrum Hefele Menyhért Szakképző Iskola, from the Zalaegerszegi SZC Deák Ferenc Technikum and from the Nagykanizsai SZC Zsigmondy Vilmos Technikum.

Nearly 70 students and teachers took part in the full-day programmes. The aim of the study trip was to present the wood and furniture sector on both sides of the border, to motivate the students and to share good practices and innovations. For the students and their teachers, the day was a busy but interesting one.


Location: Sopron, Thomasberg
Duration: 6:30-19:30
Date: 01.12.2022.

6:30 Bus departure from Nagykanizsa
7:30 a.m. Boarding in Zalaegerszeg
8:30 Boarding in Szombathely
10:00 - 12:00 F/List Austrian company visit in Thomasberg

  • A third generation family business with over 900 employees.
  • They produce quality interiors for yachts, private jets and luxury homes all over the world.
  • Their passion and ambition drive them to step out of their comfort zone to constantly innovate and create exceptional craftsmanship.

13:00-13:45 Lunch at Tercia Restaurant
14:15- 16:15 Visit to IKEA Industry Hungary Kft. in Sopron

  • The 86 400 square metre production plant was built in 1992 and has been manufacturing furniture for IKEA ever since. Today, around 600 employees work in Sopron.
  • Currently, they produce 80% of solid wood and veneered panel products for kitchens for IKEA stores worldwide as their sole supplier, as well as table sets for living rooms, storage furniture fronts for living rooms and wardrobes.
  • They believe in developing their business through our people, and are constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver real value to our customers in terms of quality and price.

17:30 Estimated time of return home Szombathely
18:30 Estimated time of arrival Zalaegerszeg
19:30 Estimated time of arrival home Nagykanizsa

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