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Workplace visits

Within the framework of the INTERREG AT-HU Programme "EduWood" project, 5 workplace presentations were organised, during which students were able to visit wood engineering workplaces.

The following three woodworking companies were involved in the workplace presentation:
Visit to IKEA Industry Hungary Kft. in Sopron

  • In 1992, the 86,400 square metre production plant was built and has been manufacturing furniture for IKEA ever since. Today, around 600 employees work in Sopron.
  • Currently, they produce 80% of solid wood and veneered panel products for kitchens for IKEA stores worldwide as their sole supplier, as well as table sets for living rooms, storage furniture fronts for living rooms and wardrobes.
  • The workplace tour will take students to the two factories on the site, the solid wood frame factory and the veneer panel factory.



Company visit to NÉMETH-FA Kft. in Lenti

  • The woodworking company, founded in 1994 with more than 120 employees, gives students a look at the well-established structure of a family business.
  • They will learn about the latest CNC technologies and our quality products: wooden windows and doors, Swedish flooring, roofing and wooden houses.
  • The Németh-Fa module houses will be presented, a creative innovation in today's architecture, which is the creation of living spaces by stacking and compressing standard-sized shipping containers side by side or on top of each other.



Company visit to SIXAY Furniture

  • SIXAY Furniture is an international furniture brand that stands for handcrafted furniture made of precious solid wood with a timelessly beautiful finish, whose appearance, quality and comfort will make connoisseurs and lovers alike smile.
  • Fine craftsmanship and careful choice of materials guarantee the longevity of beautifully shaped, ergonomic and distinctive beds, tables, chairs, sideboards, upholstered and small furniture.
  • The choice of woods includes beech, beech, maple, oak, ash, cherry, pear, walnut, black walnut and plum, and natural stains, oils and waxes are used for maintenance.
  • Leather, linoleum, glass and other high quality materials make our pieces truly unique.
  • During the visit, the brand's creator and owner gave the students a tour and an opportunity to learn about the unique products, sharing his thoughts on his career models in the woodworking industry.
  • He stressed the importance of understanding the needs of the next generation, so it was a great pleasure to hear the students' thoughts and comments.



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