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After submission the project is checked by the JS according to the administrative and eligibility criteria. Your project will have to comply with all of these criteria.

Quality assessment criteria are applied to evaluate formally compliant projects in the next phase of the evaluation. The assessment prepared by the JS will be the discussion basis for the MC.

You can also cross check the application yourself, using the checklist in Annex 5 of the Application Handbook.

The final decision of the MC can be independent of the evaluation and the scores given by the JS, however under certain threshold of scores the MC's room for manoeuvre is limited to rejection or sending back the project for revision (postponing the decision). According to the experience revised projects usually show considerable improvement in their quality and have a high chance to be approved.

Reference to the Manuals

Application Manual 4-5

The MC can make the following decisions:

  1. The application is approved.
  2. The application is approved with conditions. Conditions may relate to eventual clarifications, missing details and other deficiencies that do not affect the main content and structure of the project
  3. The application is postponed. These applications are in principle welcomed by the MC, however, in one or more aspects the application needs a revision or further development which is beyond the possibility of a conditional approval.
  4. The application is rejected. Especially, those applications shall be rejected that score below the threshold as defined in the assessment criteria, and all those where no consensus is reached among the MC members. An application with the same partnership structure and/or the same or similar activities shall not be presented again.
    At the end of the programme period sometimes applications can be put on the reserve list if they are in principle welcomed by the MC, but cannot be approved due to a lack of programme funds.

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