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Project implementation seminar and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat are happy to announce that a Project implementation seminar will be held on 12th September 2019 in Sopron. We would like to share with approved projects’ lead partners and project partners some useful and practical tips and information regarding the project implementation.

After many rounds of discussion, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is finally available, that should also be a big help for project holders and partners during the project implementation. The document is to be found in the Downloads section of the website (Link: and is available in English; the German and Hungarian translation will be available shortly.

Changing of the next submission deadline and Monitoring Committee meeting


The next meeting of the MC will be held one week later on 10th and 11th December 2019.

Projects to be discussed by the MC on its 10th meeting in December 2019 must be submitted formally compliant via eMS until 17th September 2019 at noon.

Availability of the Joint Secretariat in June


Please note that on 20th-21th and 25th June, 2019 the members of the Joint Secretariat will participate on an external event. You can contact us on 24th June and from 26th June within the regular working hours.

Your Joint Secretariat

The next submission deadline and the date of the next Monitoring Committee meeting 2019


The next meetings of the MC will be held on the 12th and 13th June 2019 and 4th and 5th December 2019, respectively.

The projects to be proposed to the 9th MC meeting in June 2019 must be submitted via eMS until 13th March 2019 at noon.

On its 10th meeting in December 2019 the MC is going to discuss those formally compliant applications that are submitted by 11th September 2019 at noon.

First part of the programme evaluation finalised


The first part of the programme evaluation addresses the programme structures and processes and the implementation of the communication strategy. The executive summary of the respective final report is published and available under Downloads/Programme documents.

EU in my region 2019: THE campaign for EU funded projects


Do you want to put your EU-funded project in the spotlight? #EUinmyRegion is just what you need! The campaign of the European Union gives projects a platform to present their stories and achievements and invites European citizens to learn about the use of European funding in their region and see projects at their doorstep. Take part and figure out what happens.

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The 8th monitoring committee meeting took place in Bükfürdő (HU) on the 19th and 20th February 2019


The focus of the agenda on the MC’s first day was on programme steering related issues. Among others, MC members received information about the activities that are foreseen on the basis of results of the programme evaluation, recently implemented by external experts. The general programme related topics were followed by presentations about up-to-date developments of running projects, such as ATHU002 (Vogelwarte Madárvárta 2), ATHU003 (PaNaNet+), ATHU016 (CrossBorder Rail), ATHU018 (City Cooperation II), as well as the road construction projects. The discussion of submitted projects and the related decision about ERDF funding has already started at the end of the first day, and was the focus topic of the second day.

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Opening hours of the Joint Secretariat 15th March 2019


Please note that the Joint Secretariat will be closed on Friday 15th March 2019 (National Holiday in Hungary). You can contact us on after the long weekend on the 18th March 2019 again!

Your Joint Secretariat

The next submission deadline and the date of the next Monitoring Committee meeting


The next meetings of the MC will be held on the 19th-20th February 2019 and 12th-13th June 2019, respectively.

Those formally compliant applications that were submitted by 31st October are going to be discussed by the Monitoring Committee on the following 8th meeting in February 2019.

The projects to be proposed on the 9th Committee meeting must be submitted via eMS until 13th March 2019 12:00 AM.

Version 2.2 of the Eligibility Handbook is published


Based on some amended rules in the Common Provisions Regulation (EU) 1303/2013, certain details of the eligibility rules in our programme have been updated. These adaptations were approved by the Monitoring Committee at its meeting on 21.11.2018, and have been published in the version 2.2 of the Eligibility Handbook. For the list of amendments please see section 6.2 of the Handbook about versioning.

The 7th Monitoring Committee meeting took place in Vienna on the 21st November


Based on a previous decision of the MC, no newly submitted applications were discussed by the MC on 21.05.2018 in Vienna. The main focus of the agenda was the programme steering, thus among others the members of the Committee got a summary about the finalisation of the designation procedure, the measures and modifications to be taken in the Programme as result of the EU’s Omnibus Regulation’s (2018/1046 EU), and the draft report of the programme evaluation were discussed, as well as the implementation of certain previously approved projects were reviewed.

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eMS Version 4_1.1 installed: new features, easier work


The version 4_1.1 of the eMS was installed on 5th November 2018 with it, new features. Major changes include the handling of modification requests as well as the management of enclosed documents to progress reports and should enable to foster the reporting work.

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EC DAY 2018: let’s get together and celebrate skills without borders


The European Cooperation Day 2018 (EC day 2018), which was this year commonly organized by the programs Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary, Austria-Slovakia and Austria-Czech Republic as well as the department MA27 of the City of Vienna met great success on 27th September 2018!

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Version 2.0 of the calculation sheets for staff costs are published


The Managing Authority discussed with the Audit Authority during the designation process the calculation sheets for staff costs and a harmonized version of the calculation sheets V2.0 are now published.

During this process was also developed a guideline for staff cost calculation which is now available for download.

Opening hours of the Joint Secretariat in October


Please note, that on the 12th-13th October, 2018 the members of the Joint Secretariat will participate on an external event. Following 11th October, we will be available for you again on the 15th October.

Please also note that the Joint Secretariat will be closed on Monday-Tuesday, 22nd October– 23rd October, 2018 in line with the Hungarian legislation on holidays. You can contact us again after the long weekend on the 24th October, 2018!

Your Joint Secretariat

European cooperation day 2018


We invite you to a festive event with the motto „Competencies without Borders” at the MAK in Vienna.

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Fourth round of decision of the monitoring committee


The sixth meeting of the programme Monitoring Committee took place in Zalakaros on 20th and 21st June 2018. Nine project applications were sent to the JS by the submission deadline, 22nd March 2018, and all were proposed to the MC for decision after completion of the compliance check and quality evaluation.
Four projects were approved under conditions by the Monitoring Committee, 2 postponed and three rejected. As a result, up to 4.12 M Euros of additional European funding will be invested in the cross-border region, and the percentage of the ERDF budget bound to approved initiatives in the current programming period reached 81.02 % (more information concerning the current status of programme implementation is available on the website).

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Vacancy at the Joint Secretariat prolonged again


The Joint Secretariat is looking for a Programme Manager in Sopron, Hungary. The deadline for the recent job advertisement is 17th August 2018.

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The Manual for Applicants has been updated


The MA and JS have updated the Manual for Applicants with the (in Implementation Manual already available) rules for complaint procedures, and with some small clarifications and corrections. For more details see the versioning at the end of the manual.

Submission deadline for applications and date of the next Monitoring Committee meetings


Based on the latest decision of Monitoring Committee, its 7th meeting will be held at 21 November, 2018. On this meeting there’ll be no discussion and decision related to newly submitted applications.

The date of the 8th Monitoring Committee meeting is 19-20 February, 2019. Here, applications submitted until 31 October, 2018 at 12:00 via eMS will be discussed.

Tender for the programme’s impact evaluation


The programme Interreg AT-HU conducts an evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the programme.

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