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The HEAL NOW project makes a fundamental contribution to increasingly connecting the Austrian-Hungarin border region, also in the field of health care, in order to be able to tackle future challenges together. Unlike in other areas, however, there has not yet been any cooperation between these two countries in the health sector, which means that this project represents a first attempt to initiate a long-term and sustainable cooperation. 


As a pioneering project in the field of health care between Austria and Hungary, the aim of the HEAL NOW project is to lay the foundations for a long-term cooperation. In addition to the preparation of the "Cooperation Agenda 2030", which is intended to work out future cooperation potentials and to create framework conditions for the implementation of cross-border care, a cooperation between the Lower Austrian Hospital Wr. Neustadt and the Hungarian Hospital Sopron in the field of digital pathology  shall be started. Additionally, the project should also lead to begin with the prepartation of a cross-border rescue contract between Austria and Hungary, in order to make a cross-border emergency cooperation possible in the near future.

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