Interreg ornament

Project budget and financing

In total, the project has a budget of € 680.286,90,- . The project is co-financed with 85% ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and with 15% national contribution. The following national institutions are supporting the project beside the European Commission:

  • Province of Lower Austria (AT)
  • Government of Hungary (HU)


 ERDFNational contribution
Health Agency of Lower Austria (NÖ LGA)  € 388.396,65,-  € 68.540,59,-
National Directorate General for Hospitals (NDGH)  € 176.193,86,-  € 31.093,04,-
Health and Social Fund of Lower Austria (NÖGUS)  € 13.653,34,-  € 2.409,42,-
Total  € 578.243,85,-    € 102.043,05,-

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