Interreg ornament

Project content

The main objective of this project is to establish a sustainable and, in particular, long-term health cooperation in the Austrian-Hungarian border region, which can help to improve health care quality for citizen living within the border region. In this first project, which will last until September 2022, the basis for a longterm cooperation in the field of healthcare between these two countries shall be defined in order to offer a real added value for the population in the future. 


Project goals and milestones:

  • Survey of the current health status in the border region and development of a cooperation agenda 2030, which includes short-, mid- and long-term goals
  • Implementation of a pilot project to establish a first transnational hospital cooperation in the field of digital pathology between the Austrian Landesklinikum Wr. Neustadt and the Hungarian hospital in Sopron
  • Initiation of a proposal for a joint rescue contract between Austria and Hungary in order to improve emergency care in the border region.

Project duration: 2020 - 2022


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