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The EduWood platform is now available.

The platform was created with the aim to stand out among online knowledge-sharing platforms; to meet modern needs, including those of educational institutions. Thus, it was entirely inspired by innovation in education and student entrepreneurship.

For the EduWood platform, the focus was on knowledge and learning materials related to the wood industry. The main functions of the online knowledge sharing system include, for example, creating different projects, taking courses, and building communities, learning together and helping each other. Content production, such as sharing documents or video content, and the integration of different online platforms for collaborative work, are an essential part of the collaborative work.

The online platform is used to build a cross-border community of students, teachers and related industry actors who transfer some knowledge to their peers, mainly through video sharing, but also to share educational material in other formats for specific categories of wood architecture and furniture industry.

Unlike other online knowledge-sharing platforms, the EduWood platform also allows any registered member - even students - to create and deliver lessons, not just teachers. It also includes a number of additional features to support community goals. External companies and entrepreneurs can be involved in the teaching and projects, so they can actually participate in the collaborative work, either through consultation or joint work. Community building, inspiration, motivation, intercultural synergistic learning and exploitation of intercultural factors, learning about each other's cultures and sharing teaching tools and materials.

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