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Project summary
Numerous national and international research and studies have highlighted the importance of women entrepreneurs in business life. Although the number of women entrepreneurs is growing slightly, they typically face more difficulties than men in starting and running a business. However, the underrepresentation of women entrepreneurs in business is classic. Typical difficulties include: access to finance, training, networking and the compatibility of company and family, which play a prominent role in the program area.
In recent years, various initiatives have been launched to support women entrepreneurs, but there is still no specific further training or support program that improves the economic situation and skills development of women entrepreneurs in the program area, specifically addressing the AT-HU border region and development prospects will be stimulated and expanded.
In this project, a complete mentoring methodology supported by a multi-module training program is used, which was previously developed by an international consortium - with both HU PP. By converting it into a cross-border structure, an updated mentoring methodology will be developed with a focus on solving the specific challenges of the border region. Recruitment, preparation and the establishment of bilateral relationships are then carried out in 2 mentoring areas. The special thing about it is that the results are summarized and used several times on a bilateral level. With the participants in the mentoring program and the PP as founding members, the cross-border community FEMskill is founded and its online platform is set up.
The communication activities are complemented by awareness-raising measures on the subject of women entrepreneurs and women in business.

Overall project goal:
Improvement of the economic / market situation of women entrepreneurs in the Austro-Hungarian border region through cross-border implementation of the joint “competence development mentoring” and the establishment of a bilateral community.

Current project information: 

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