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Innovation day

On the second FEMskill Bilateral Innovation Day, 17 May 2022, participants visited five companies led by a successful female leader.

The first stop of the day - the Weiberwirtschaft in Stoob. After the breakfast buffet, Doris Horvath, a volunteer at Weiberwirtschaft, introduced the company. The Weiberwirtschaft is a socio-economic project that employs and trains women and men in the Central Burgenland region and enables them to return to the labor market.

The second station was the "Waldquelle" mineral water plant in Kobersdorf. Waldquelle is one of the most important companies in Burgenland. Visitors listened with interest to the company manager's presentation and took an active part in the discussion on "Women in Business".

The next stop was the "Hof-Sonnenweide". Elisabeth Nussbaumer is the founder of the association, who lives with her husband Andreas and about 100 different animals at the Hof-Sonnenweide in Weppersdorf. Organic vegetables are grown and sold on the farm. They also deal with animal adoption and on-site programs.

Our group then visited a traditional grocery store called “Hanni’s Honey & More”. Hannelore Binder is one of 35 participants in the BFI "Start Your Own Work" course. As a successful course participant, Hannelore Binder realized her dream of starting her own business. Participants were able to taste delicious honey products.

The last stop led to the "freuRaum" in Eisenstadt, where the group could have a vegan lunch. This was followed by the presentation of "freuRaum". The "freuRaum" in Eisenstadt is a completely unusual place: the hallmark of cooperation is the only vegan-vegetarian restaurant in Burgenland and much more than a restaurant. An event space, a “showroom” and venue for regional products, and a community space for spending time.

The group photo was followed by a quick exchange of views on the impressions of the day. Participants thanked the organizer for the varied program.



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