Interreg ornament

FEMskill VIP 1st Phase

The first focus-specific entrepreneurial training was divided into three modules:
Module I: 17.03.2022 Győr - Focus on the human factor of business
Rethinking and developing the entrepreneur himself, his colleagues, clients, and related resources.
II. module: 04.05.2022. Győr - Changed consumer habits - customer acquisition methods focus
Rethinking, fine-tuning and redesigning the changed consumer habits and related existing customer acquisition methods. Sale.
III. module: 05.05.2022. Győr - Strategy focus - new product/service introduction + decision support methods
Knowledge Sharing Laboratory - 02.06.2022. Győr
The purpose of the Knowledge Sharing Lab event is for the participants to jointly process the acquired knowledge for the sake of development, using the knowledge acquired up to that point, through summary analyzes of their own economic sector - industry level / target market - and case examples. In agreement with the professional management, the topics were elaborated through three case examples with the participating entrepreneurs.

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