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Female entrepreneurs, women in the economy

On June 1, 2022, an international conference entitled “Women Entrepreneurs, Women in the Economy” was held in Oberpullendorf.

The event was opened by Astrid Eisenkopf, who greeted the participants in the form of a video message.

The lead partner of the project, Sándor Borbély, detailed the history of the project and outlined future ideas.

The effects analyzed and discovered during the pandemic were also reported at the event, in the framework of a presentation by Dr. Károly Csordás.

Ms Renate Vouillarmet Winkler from the Austrian Labor Office presented the (professional) grants / programs that the Office offers to female entrepreneurs.

In her online presentation, Rita Potápi outlined the challenges that Women had to face again and again, and despite all that, they were able to succeed.

During the conference, Doris Horvath reported on the success of the one-year mentoring program for the FEMskill project.

During the conference, short films made during the project and interviews with women entrepreneurs were also presented.

The event closed with a podium discussion attended by women entrepreneurs participating in the FEMskill program.

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