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Study trip in Styria


In the framework of the InnoWood ATHU059 project, the wood industry enterprises, researchers and students took part in a study trip organized by the PANFA Accredited Innovation Cluster on 17-18 April 2019. Participants in the study tour could gain insight into the secrets of the most innovative, most interesting woodworking enterprises in the Styrian region, and behind the scenes of their projects and research.


First they visited the HIZ / ECW Innovation Center that provides first-hand information on developments and research related to robotics in the wood industry and they gathered valuable experience during the demonstrations.


In Stora Enzo's woodworking giant's local plant, the participants could follow the path of the wood from the reception of the raw material to the warehouse, which was a great introduction to the further program of the study tour.


After lunch the team visited MESSNER Ges.m.b.H., where a new production and presentation hall that was delivered just a few months ago was presented. In the center of interest was the modern painting complex. Using state-of-the-art technologies, they are the vanguard of innovative ways in the field of yachts and ships.


The next day Gaulhofer, a 100-year-old company with global market relationships hosted the team. In addition to wooden doors and windows, the company also produces wooden and aluminium doors and windows, combining various technologies. While woodwork is mostly handmade, the process is almost fully automated for other materials.


The second stop of the day was a truly special and innovative company. The ThreeSixty Media Solution start-up utilizes the capabilities of modern VR technology to develop support solutions for woodworking companies among others.


After lunch the participants were given a presentation of the practical usage of wood construction research and experiments at Holczbauforschung GmbH, with particular regard to the possibilities offered by CLT technology. The latter is emphasized in Graz and the surrounding area, as the city of Graz has begun to build a multi-storey chalet consisting of flats for almost 10,000 people, based on CLT technology, a few years ago.


The program was completed with the presentation of the extensive program of construction of multi-storey and passive houses in CLT technology and the ecological ideas for the next decade of urban development.


The members of the team could gain new and interesting knowledge and experience in the short two days, and they all evaluated the study trip as a successful and forward-looking.

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