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eMS Version 4_1.1 installed: new features, easier work


The version 4_1.1 of the eMS was installed on 5th November 2018 and with it, new features. Major changes include the handling of modification requests as well as the management of enclosed documents to progress reports and should enable to foster the reporting work.


Until now, modifications during reporting had to be avoided to exclude any loss of data (at open, not yet submitted reports) which constrained partners to plan thoroughly the drawing-up of reports and resulted often in delays or additional workloads. With the version 4_1.1, reports are not negatively affected in any way by the modification process which runs parallel, remain however linked to the valid version of the application form (AF) upon report creation (see § of the implementation handbook (Imp. HB)).


This new eMS version also makes it easier for beneficiaries to prepare their progress reports since links to the documentation already uploaded in the system as part of partner reports may now be inserted (see § 3.3.4. of the imp. HB). To avoid duplicate uploads project holders don’t have to insert complicated text references in progress reports anymore, and programme bodies don’t need to switch from one report to another in order to review the data.


As for new features, one should finally point out potential modifications of financing sources which projects may undergo. In the old eMS version 3_3.1, a change of a financing institution would apply retroactively, also in case the modification was initiated after reports submission (see § of the Imp. HB). From now on, submitted reports are no affected, the new distribution of financial sources been only reflected in up-coming reports.


Of course, there are other minor adaptations which differentiate version 4_1.1. and 3_3.1. such as the new warning popping up when modifying the AF to avoid confusion between AF versions. For those who may have had doubts, no worries then, nothing substantial has changed except the eMS - for the better!

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