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Important information: we will make project logos available for you!
It is a very important objective of the new programme period 2014-2020 to make visible the Interreg programme and all other concerning programmes as a brand. Therefore the programme management would like to offer to make available logos for all the project holders that are branded and easily recognisable as projects co-funded by Interreg. These logos will be derived from the programme logo and personalised for each project. This means...

  • You get you logo in every color or data format needed, from us.
  • The logo develops out of the programme logo and the acronym of the title of your project. The color will be used from the programme priority, your project refers to.
  • There will be no further costs for the projects.
  • The logo will be created in line with all necessary EU regulations and will consist of all important elements (EU-flag and the clear reference to the financing fund of the EU).
    Here you can see an example of a possible logo that shows the up to date development level of the logos. The final versions are still under construction.


Our wish would be that every project makes use of this offer. Basicly it should be avoided that every project develops its own logo. If you despite this offer should decide to do so, please contact the Joint Secretariat before you start to work on your logo.

If you would like to have further information about the offer itself or already have decided to use the possibility, please contact our communication manager Andrea Major MA. (E-mail:, Phone: +36 99 512 718).


We also offer a project webpage within the programme´s webpage!


If the issue is about simplification, we can also make another offer: Pass the workloaded idea of  developing a homepage for your project and upload your information and publications on a projectwebpage within the programme´s webpage (


Every project wishing to do so will get its own webspace and the environment that allows to upload texts and data in order to publish results and important news. The Joint Secretariat provides login data and guidance to be able to use this opportunity. The basics are determined but there still is room for individual changes on appereance etc. We would like to have a minimum of information from the application form for the start.


Think about the question if it is really necessary to develop an own homepage for your project or if you could use the website provided by the programme. Please think about ressources and costs and contact our communication manager (E-mail: , Phone: +36 99 512 718) after your decision.

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