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Sediments and sediment management play a fundamental role in the management of rivers and their quality. Since water and sediments don't regard borders, a cross border cooperation is needed in the area of field monitoring, numerical and physical modelling and practical measures. SEDDON II continues the basic achievement reached in SEDDON I and focuses of the direct and concrete implemenation of the suggested improvements. SEDDON II aims to improve knowledge and knowledge transfer from science to river management. Studies based on longer-term programs will lead to targeted and efficient measures in order to improve the ecological status and flood risk management.

The aims of SEDDON II are:

  • the cross-border improvement of the sediment management along the Danube River
  • a modern hydraulic engineering laboratory with a discharge of up to 10 m3/s
  • a common joint monitorng and modelling system to measure ans simulate sediment transport along the Danube
  • a new river management strategy to improve the ecological condition and flood risk management of the Upper and Middle Danube river water bodies

The results of SEDDON II are:

The project leads to concrete proposals for a new water management strategy to improve the ecological status of flood management of Upper and Middle Danube water bodies, with sediments playing an important role.

The main outputs of the projec are...

  • hydraulic engineering laboratory in Vienna
  • joint monitoring and modelling system
  • work aid for joint river contruction measures

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